Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Domestic History of Beverly, MA (comfort)

I recently had an installation at Frame 301 an alternative installation space at Montserrat College of Art. The space is curated by Maggie Cavallo.

Inside the Frame 301 window space, used fabric that I had collected over four months was hung in a grid or quilt-like pattern. These fabrics have been found specifically on the streets of Beverly and have been stained, worn, and discarded by their owners. The fabric has been removed from pillows and seat cushions.

Beverly is a haven for dumpster divers and trash-collecting art students. I have been contemplating why things are so easily discarded and replaced. How something, especially fabrics and cushions; whose intent is to make us comfortable and who have had so much contact with the human body, are so easily disregarded. Becoming a memorial-like window display, I hoped that viewers might have been able to reflect on the lives that these fabrics may have had, or that former owners might have recognized this material that once occupied their home. This piece evidenced a history of comfort, rest, sleep, human error, and anything that took place on or around these objects during their lives as occupants of a home in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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For more information: Frame 301 Gallery Archives

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