Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 years ago, I knitted a scarf for my partner at the time. Three years later, the relationship ended.
10 months after this end, I took the scarf back. I kept it with me for 3 weeks without fail; I wore it everywhere, kept it in my bag if I couldn't wear it, hung it on the shower door while I bathed and held it while I slept.
After these 3 weeks, the scarf was mine again.


2 ½ years ago, he made me a sketchbook. A year later, our relationship ended.
1 year after this end, I decided to use this sketchbook. I am using it now.


When I drive to school, I park in the lot at the Mission Hill building. When his car is there, I park next to it.


This series of performances speaks directly to my former relationship with another current student in SMFA’s graduate program. I am using this work to examine my own ability to cope with our tangled history but I am also interested in calling attention to the complicated nature of relationships in general, utilizing the tension and uneasiness that the situation represents.

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