Monday, August 16, 2010

proposal written that remained unperformed by myself and was then performed by another student:


- a piece of fabric used by the performer in a domestic setting (ex. bed sheet)

- canvas stretcher bars

- snap blade knife

- a staple gun and staples

- a hammer and nails

- a level

- an alarm clock set to snooze (sounding every eight minutes)

I will cut the fabric to fit the size of the stretcher bars and stretch the fabric around them. Once this is done, I will proceed to hanging the stretched fabric on the wall. Meanwhile the alarm clock will be set to snooze and sounding periodically, continually interrupting me as I work.

This piece is an attempt to call attention to “art”, “artist”, and “process”, examining the blurring of and tension between art and daily life in a very literal way.

We were then asked to focus on just one aspect of the performance, what we thought was the most important aspect.

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