Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the unfinished blanket

The blanket is something I only remember as a concept because it was never entirely functional or tangible. I also remember a lot of frustration being bound up in its attempt to be completed. I was also always very anxiously awaiting its being finished because I really wanted a nice, personal blanket to keep me warm. I remember giving up on it when a large portion of it was used to make an art piece.

It was to be a graduation gift. It remains unfinished. I began crocheting when we were apart and gave up on it while we were living together. I started in winter; it was supposed to be completed by May.
I actually don’t remember a lot about what I was thinking or feeling while making it. I remember that I had to start it over once or twice because I kept accidently and adding and subtracting stitches. I worked on it lazily throughout the summer and following fall before removing a portion of the unfinished object to complete a sculpture.
I liked the idea of having made a blanket for someone more than I liked making a blanket for him.

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