Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You

Thank you notes written to each person in Performance Projects.

Excerpt from sketchbook about thank you notes: Generosity and gift giving. Inclination to give as a gift. Last year I ended something, took something away that my peers weren’t even aware of, pointing out my own disconnection? Collective disconnection? This time I wanted to really look into the individuals surrounding me as well as my art practice. I wanted to thank them for things that I genuinely appreciate. For it is through our interactions that conversations, relationships, and art is formed. Thinking about the formality of thank you notes, I look back at my feud with my mother over writing thank you notes after my high school graduation party. Thanking people for gifts or money , generally they all say the same thing. I wanted to actually thank people and tell them why their contribution was important to me and it was taking too long. That is what I wanted to do here with the people in this class