Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You

Thank you notes written to each person in Performance Projects.

Excerpt from sketchbook about thank you notes: Generosity and gift giving. Inclination to give as a gift. Last year I ended something, took something away that my peers weren’t even aware of, pointing out my own disconnection? Collective disconnection? This time I wanted to really look into the individuals surrounding me as well as my art practice. I wanted to thank them for things that I genuinely appreciate. For it is through our interactions that conversations, relationships, and art is formed. Thinking about the formality of thank you notes, I look back at my feud with my mother over writing thank you notes after my high school graduation party. Thanking people for gifts or money , generally they all say the same thing. I wanted to actually thank people and tell them why their contribution was important to me and it was taking too long. That is what I wanted to do here with the people in this class


  1. i dont make art anymore, i kind of miss it.

    i do still think in the same pretentious vain manner i always did when it came to art, i think my life to a point was my art and one day everything changed.

    life is different when your purpose isnt what you had thought it was, it is strange when you are a success but feel you are a failure at the same time.

    in a modernist or post modernist or a whateverist way of thought, something that rings through my ears abundantly as said by thom "what is art?"

    im not entirely aware of what youre making presently, to say the least when i see images, or read entries i am more than intrigued.

    but to say the least, i am glad and proud you stay true to yourself in your work and havent given up. i look forward to reading about your long and prosperous career in a future "art in theory" text.

    i always appreciated your work, and aesthetic.


  2. Who is this, HVCC student? I'm not really sure what to say, but I do really appreciate your comment. Thank you so much!