Friday, December 31, 2010


She tells you this...

My piece at GraceSpace was based around a small book that I wrote about myself, my family, and my artwork told from the perspective of my mother. The book begins with the text ‘The artist’s mother approaches you in the gallery, she tells you this…’ Multiple copies were left available for people to take on a table as they explored the space. Speakers placed on the table played a looping telephone conversation between my mother and I.

In this piece I am investigating my relationship to my mother. The parents of artists are the creators of those creating. A week ago at an opening reception, my mother approached one of my colleagues and spoke to him for over an hour about her life and my own. Reflecting on my mother’s storytelling, I attempt to draw a connection from the way in which families influence the formation of our personalities and our decisions to the development of an artistic practice.

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