Focusing on ideas surrounding domesticity, comfort, and anxiety; I have created a body of work examining personal history through a process of collection. The materials, byproducts of an often private act, are archived and the resulting pieces become documentation of a durational repetitive action.
Within the past year I have become increasingly aware of the disconnect between my hometown of Valley Falls, New York and the place where I am currently living, the city of Beverly, Massachusetts as well as my daily commute into Boston for school. Living in three places at once, I feel somehow a part of each of these communities and also disconnected from them. In coping with where I belong and where I can find comfort, I have begun to reflect not only on personal relationships to materials but also to other people and environments.
Most recently, my work has utilized modes of performance to explore these relationships, using romance almost as a catalyst for production; for example, ending an imagined romantic relationship with a classmate as a way to point out the existing connection between us or complete lack thereof. Or more broadly, utilizing ideas surrounding romantic relationships as a way to relate to another person through a commonly shared experience, however cliché it may be.